1. Recess Sparkling Water provides a whole new kind of wellness

    Recess Sparkling Water provides a whole new kind of wellness

    Everybody has different memories when they think of the term recess. You might think back to your younger days at school. - Everyone thought recess was simply a time to have fun. You went outside, threw a ball around, played on the playground, chatted with friends. However you wanted to spend your 30 minutes of freedom, you could. 

    As adults, we can look back and appreciate the true purpose of recess: to reset and rebalance the students for the rest of their day. Like work, school was a daily grind that required attention and effort. Six straight hours of it is tough. Everyone needs a break. 

    Reset and rebalance is exactly what Recess Sparkling Water sets out to do. Recess implements hemp extract and adaptogens into their delicious sparkling water to help you gain composure for the rest of your day. 

    So what exactly

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  2. Boxed Water: better for the environment, better for you!

    Boxed Water: better for the environment, better for you!

    We know what you’re thinking every time you see a box of Flow water: why is it in a box?

    First off, why not? We all grew up drinking milk out of a carton. But the real reason is that it’s much, much better for the environment than a plastic bottle. Humans drink tons of water, and plenty of it comes out of a plastic bottle. Flow has changed the game. - Their packaging is 100% recyclable, including even its plant-based cap. The paperboard pack comes from responsibly harvested trees, and a thin layer of aluminum foil on the inside shields the water from oxygen, sunlight and contamination. 

    A BPA-free layer of plastic film protects Flow’s beautiful packaging. The bottle - er, carton, - is designed to have a low carbon footprint. Used cartons are converted into paper tow

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  3. Keep your Kids happily hydrated with Hint Kids!

    Keep your Kids happily hydrated with Hint Kids!

    Hint's motto is "Drink Water, not sugar" and they are for real. All their waters have zero sugar, zero juice and zero sweeteners. This has turned them into the #1 flavored water brand. Now they brought that simple but effective formula for Kids!

    Introducing Hint Kids! It's the healthy parent-approved Hint water you love, in four tasteful fruit flavors that kids love: watermelon, blackberry, apple, and cherry.

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  4. Monster’s Pacific Punch Juice is built for a workout

    Monster’s Pacific Punch Juice is built for a workout

    We’ve all been there - whether you’re at the gym, on the field, or out for a run, sometimes water

    just doesn’t cut it. During an intense game or workout, you want something that will give you a

    boost to keep pumping. Water isn’t going to do that for you.


    That’s the dilemma Monster was facing.


    Drinkers of the classic energy drink wanted something to drink during a game or a workout. The team at Monster walked into the lab with ideas and

    walked out of the lab with Monster Juice!


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  5. Hal’s New York Releases Coffee Seltzer

    Hal’s New York Releases Coffee Seltzer

    QUEENS, N.Y. — Hal’s Beverage is launching their newest, and most unique, flavor this January. As a part of an ongoing partnership with 7-Eleven, Hal’s has created a caffeinated Coffee flavored Seltzer that will be sold exclusively at the stores located in the 5 boroughs, Long Island and Westchester and Putnam counties. As with all other Hal’s products, this newest flavor is also all natural and locally made.

    With help from their distributor Big Geyser, Hal’s Beverage hopes to make a dent in both the cold brew coffee and seltzer categories.

    “We recognize that we now have loyal fans of the Hal’s brand,” said Chief Brand Officer Hayley Diamond. “We think this is going to blow their minds and give them the zero calorie, sugar free pick me up that they desire.”

    January is Coffee month at 7-Eleven, so the timing works perfectly. Hal’s New York Coffee Seltzer uses real coffee concentrate and has notes of French Vanilla in both the nose and taste. It’s a beverage that’s perfect for the morning commute (if it spills on the train – no nasty coffee stain to worry about!) or during the midday “slump” that many folks experience.

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