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  1. Keep your Kids happily hydrated with Hint Kids!

    Keep your Kids happily hydrated with Hint Kids!

    Hint's motto is "Drink Water, not sugar" and they are for real. All their waters have zero sugar, zero juice and zero sweeteners. This has turned them into the #1 flavored water brand. Now they brought that simple but effective formula for Kids!

    Introducing Hint Kids! It's the healthy parent-approved Hint water you love, in four tasteful fruit flavors that kids love: watermelon, blackberry, apple, and cherry.

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  2. An Antidote to Modern Times

    An Antidote to Modern Times

    Calm, cool, collected doesn't only apply to mindful activities. You can experience it in a can, with Recess Sparkling Water.


    What makes Recess differnt from the rest? Recess is a sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens. These are two powerful and natural ingredients that help us adapt to stress and replenish our bodies' biological system. In turn, this regulates our mood to help achieve a balanced state  of mind.


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