1. Recess Sparkling Water provides a whole new kind of wellness

    Recess Sparkling Water provides a whole new kind of wellness

    Everybody has different memories when they think of the term recess. You might think back to your younger days at school. - Everyone thought recess was simply a time to have fun. You went outside, threw a ball around, played on the playground, chatted with friends. However you wanted to spend your 30 minutes of freedom, you could. 

    As adults, we can look back and appreciate the true purpose of recess: to reset and rebalance the students for the rest of their day. Like work, school was a daily grind that required attention and effort. Six straight hours of it is tough. Everyone needs a break. 

    Reset and rebalance is exactly what Recess Sparkling Water sets out to do. Recess implements hemp extract and adaptogens into their delicious sparkling water to help you gain composure for the rest of your day. 

    So what exactly

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  2. Gosling’s Ginger Beer was made for this specific cocktail

    Gosling’s Ginger Beer was made for this specific cocktail

    Ginger beer is one of the most versatile cocktail mixers you can buy. It goes great with just about any kind of alcohol, whether that’s vodka, rum, whiskey, bourbon, or even tequila! There’s a wide variety of cocktails you can make with ginger beer. 

    But Gosling’s wasn’t worried about variety. They crafted their ginger beer for one specific cocktail: the Dark ‘n Stormy. 

    Gosling’s isn’t a soda company. They make rum, and they have done it for over 200 years. James Gosling left his home in England destined for America in 1806. The trip didn’t go as planned, and he wound up in St. George, Bermuda. The rest, as they say, is history. 

    Today, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum is one of the most iconic bottles in the world. It made sense for Gosling’s to brew up a perfect companion for it. Gosling’s spent years developing the perfect blend o

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  3. Boxed Water: better for the environment, better for you!

    Boxed Water: better for the environment, better for you!

    We know what you’re thinking every time you see a box of Flow water: why is it in a box?

    First off, why not? We all grew up drinking milk out of a carton. But the real reason is that it’s much, much better for the environment than a plastic bottle. Humans drink tons of water, and plenty of it comes out of a plastic bottle. Flow has changed the game. - Their packaging is 100% recyclable, including even its plant-based cap. The paperboard pack comes from responsibly harvested trees, and a thin layer of aluminum foil on the inside shields the water from oxygen, sunlight and contamination. 

    A BPA-free layer of plastic film protects Flow’s beautiful packaging. The bottle - er, carton, - is designed to have a low carbon footprint. Used cartons are converted into paper tow

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  4. RISE Nitro Cold Brew is an all-natural morning boost

    RISE Nitro Cold Brew is an all-natural morning boost

    Anyone who says you can’t make great coffee with organic ingredients has never picked up a nitro cold brew from RISE. 

    RISE was born in New York City, a place that needs coffee more than any other city on the planet. The original minds behind RISE went through plenty of leaps and bounds to find the right recipe for their cold brew, using various roasts and methods from around the world. Eventually, they started conditioning their cold brew with nitrogen, and thus the perfect product was born. 

    The award-winning coffee is everything you can look for in a drink that packs a punch. It all starts with organic beans from Peru, making this cold brew 70% less acidic than the conventional hot brew. And, best of all, it’s gluten and dairy free, making it a perfect companion for any diet. 

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  5. Keep your Kids happily hydrated with Hint Kids!

    Keep your Kids happily hydrated with Hint Kids!

    Hint's motto is "Drink Water, not sugar" and they are for real. All their waters have zero sugar, zero juice and zero sweeteners. This has turned them into the #1 flavored water brand. Now they brought that simple but effective formula for Kids!

    Introducing Hint Kids! It's the healthy parent-approved Hint water you love, in four tasteful fruit flavors that kids love: watermelon, blackberry, apple, and cherry.

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  6. An Antidote to Modern Times

    An Antidote to Modern Times

    Calm, cool, collected doesn't only apply to mindful activities. You can experience it in a can, with Recess Sparkling Water.


    What makes Recess differnt from the rest? Recess is a sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens. These are two powerful and natural ingredients that help us adapt to stress and replenish our bodies' biological system. In turn, this regulates our mood to help achieve a balanced state  of mind.


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  7. Get your Wiiings with two new Red Bull Flavors!

    Get your Wiiings with two new Red Bull Flavors!

    You don't need a bell to ring to get your wings; Red Bull gives you wiiings! Especially the flavorful Red Bull Editions with the tastes of Tangerine, Blueberry, Tropical Fruits, Kiwi Apple, Limeade, and Acai Berry. With so many flavors to choose from, you are bound to find your favorite one!

    But Red Bull didn’t stop there. They just released The Red Bull Peach Edition which offers the Wings of Red Bull with the taste of peach-nectarine, and the Red Bull Pear Edition features the taste of crisp pear in a sugarfree formula.

    Both are available in 100% recyclable 12-ounce cans and contain 114 mg of caffeine per serving.

    With the addition of these flavors, there’s no excuse

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  8. Satisfy your snack craving in the cheesiest way possible!

    Satisfy your snack craving in the cheesiest way possible!

    Imagine having the delicious flavor of parmesan cheese in one convenient bite size crisp. Here we are living in 2019, while ParmCrisps is living in 3019. Made from real, natural Wisconsin cheese and oven-baked to crisp, crunchy perfection, ParmCrisps accomplished just this and more. It’s Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, Gluten, Sugar and Wheat free as well as Non-GMO. Also, it contains no Artificial Hormones (RBST Free, RBGH Free), no Artificial Flavors and no Preservatives!

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  9. Rise and Shine with RISE Cold Brew Coffee

    Rise and Shine with RISE Cold Brew Coffee

    Who said coffee should just be limited to its original flavor? Sure, you can add cacao to make a delicious Mocha Latte,  or you just may like it with some milk to make a good ol’ classic latte.


    How about if you add Orange or some lemonade? Wait, what?


    Before you coffee snobs raise your nose to the idea, let us introduce RISE Cold Brew Coffee. A forward-thinking coffee brewing company that uses a proprietary process to infuse their cold brew with nitrogen (as opposed to carbonation), which gives each and every one of their coffees a rich, creamy top (think Guinness beer). In addition, RISE is 70% less acidic than your conventional cup of Joe, thanks to its organic beans straight from Peru


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  10. Quench your Holiday Thirst with a Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost and a Cran-Apple Smash!

    What happens when you combine everyone’s favorite holiday Cranberry juice with Sparkling Ice water? You get a delicious new flavor: Cranberry Frost!

    Just in time for the holiday season, Sparkling Ice's new Cranberry Frost Flavor delivers a refreshing and fruity carbonated beverage featuring flavors of sweet cranberries and ginger. Like all of the Sparkling Ice lineup, Cranberry Frost is still a zero calorie, zero sugar beverage made with antioxidants and vitamins.

    Use this festive new flavor to create a cheerful holiday beverage that everyone can enjoy: a Cran-Apple Smash!

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